About Us

About us

The founders of “Bilgiri Coffee” are from a family of generational coffee growers, processors and exporters with plantations across Chikmagalur, Coorg and Malabar areas of South Indian Region.

Coffee has been grown here for over a hundred years and the plant is grown under a two tier mixed - shade canopy of evergreen leguminous & non-leguminous shade trees. These estates produce specialty coffee typically mild and not too acidic, it possess an exotic full-bodied taste and an exquisite aroma.

The base of our Arabica's and Robusta's blends are sourced exclusively from these estates. We pick only the choicest beans, running through several layers of quality checks before they even make their way to the roasting process.

No matter which brewing method you prefer to use, it is important that you start off with good quality beans. Our roaster pays close attention to detail while roasting to ensure that you get the best we have to offer. With carefully selected equipment made by the world's best manufacturers, we ensure that the beans are roasted just right.

That's what the coffee business is all about, after all - getting it just right.

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