With generations of expertise, we offer discerning cafe owners and home baristas the assurance of a truly outstanding coffee experience. Not only do we roast our Premium single origin from “A” grade Arabica beans, we also have three Gold selections of blended coffees –Sourced exclusively from our estates and have been carefully handcrafted to create a beautifully balanced coffee, to suit different tastes, moods and occasions.

BILGIRI - SINGLE ORIGIN COFFEES Single Origin Coffee is a testament to the pleasures of exclusivity. In simple terms, single origin coffee is one that is specific to one particular region. Be it an entire geographical region, a small village or even a particular hill. What makes single origin coffee so special is that a specific mix of tangibles and intangibles exclusive only to the area of the growth infuse the bean with a taste of its own and make it nearly impossible to replicate anywhere else in the world.

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